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At the heart of who we are as an association you’ll find our success is built on the relationships our members have with one another. You’ll find that CSSA members truly care about each other and look for ways to work together and support each other in order to continually improve our industry through best practices and delivering better a better experience for storage customers.



The CSSA serves its members in many ways that include:

  • Legislative Initiatives and Advocacy
  • Education Courses
  • World-Class Industry Events; Annual Owners Summit held on Newport Beach, CA and the West Coast Owners Napa Owners Conference held in Napa, CA.
  • Legal Network

For instance, the CSSA regularly hosts an unique class called Lunch and Legal Education with leading industry attorneys such as Carlos Kaslow. Attendees not only have time to network but will get up to date on the ever changing legal landscape of the self storage industry. This special benefit only for CSSA members gives you cost effective way to interact personally with well known leading attorneys within the self storage market. All of this while having lunch with quality storage owners and operators. The environment is dynamic and you will no doubt leave with a deeper knowledge of many of the legal considerations at hand in our industry today.


Founded in 2003 by independent storage operators, the CSSA has grown rapidly now serving over 500 storage owners, operators and vendors and totaling more than 3,000 storage locations. We are governed by an elected Board of Directors comprised of self storage professionals. The board is made up of 9 owners and 3 vendors and meets monthly. In addition to the Board, the Association is staffed with three full-time professionals and since 2006 has led by Executive Director Erin King. Through her dedication and leadership Ms. King has grown the association in membership and member offerings nearly every year since 2006. The CSSA also serves not only its members but the larger community as a whole through its philanthropic initiatives. Most notably CSSA’s charitable efforts go towards raising money for the 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization Kure It Cancer Research. To date, the CSSA has raised over $200K for ground breaking cancer research programs within world class institutions such as UC San Francisco in 2015.


If you are new to the CSSA we invite you to join today or call us directly at (909) 912-1962. Also, if you need more information then check out our Events and Blog. We hope to hear from and look forward to serving you.

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