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CSSA, Legislators Working on Two Bills to Help Self Storage

Tuesday, February 28, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Erin King
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CSSA, Legislators Working on Two Bills to Help Self Storage

The rock artist Neil Young once put out an album titled Rust Never Sleeps. And while it may be true that rust never sleeps, it is equally true that the California Self Storage Association’s (CSSA) legislative efforts never sleep, as well. The CSSA is dedicated to bringing about better working conditions for all self storage owner/operators and managers throughout the state. Such is true right now as two different pieces of legislation are on the table and the CSSA is very much involved in both. The two legislative efforts are concentrating on lien laws and ADA requirements.

AB1108 is a lien law that was introduced by Tom Daly, a Democratic Assemblymember from Orange County. Essentially, the bill would alter parts of the original California Self-Service Storage Facility Act -- in particular, adding that self storage facilities may use e-mail as well as regular mail to contact renters who have not paid their bills. This bill also would require the advertisement of lien auctions to be published either in newspapers or in any other media that is reasonably calculated to provide notice to potential buyers and the general public or both.

AB1148 is an ADA Commercial Code 1938 Cleanup that was introduced by Republican Assemblymember Marc Steinorth. The part that would affect self storage operators reads: “This bill would define commercial property for the purposes of that provision as property that is offered for sale or lease to persons operating, or intending to operate, a place of public accommodation or facility to which the general public is invited at those premises.”

If successful, this is a very BIG win for all self storage operators as it will help define ‘commercial property’ with regard to ADA requirements allowing self storage to be excluded from some of the obligations we currently fall under by cloudy definition,” said Erin King, the CSSA’s executive director.

“We are encouraged by the direction that we are moving with regards to legislative bills,” said King. “In particular, the CSSA is indebted to Carlos Kaslow for his efforts on AB1148 and ADA requirements. Carlos brought it to our attention and his efforts, along with those of the CSSA, helped get the bill introduced along with the lien bill.”

While King is pleased with the movement forward on self storage bills in the state legislature, she also has high hopes that CSSA members will step up to help with future legislative efforts.

“We estimate that the proposed changes to the lien law will help self storage operators save around $1500, minimum, each year,” King added. “We are currently working on a campaign to encourage our members to donate to a CSSA political fund. If each self storage facility was to come forward with $50 we feel that the donation would be more than covered by the savings they will enjoy from our efforts.”