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CSSA Offers Updated Employee Handbook Through CEA

Thursday, July 2, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brenda Lafontaine
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 CSSA Offers Updated Employee Handbook Through CEA

Like a chef who is trying to find a way to improve upon an award-winning dish, the California Self Storage Association (CSSA) likes to take a good thing and make it better. Recently, the CSSA announced that it had paired with the California Employers Association (CEA) to provide state association members with a free Human Resource Hotline. Now, to take it one step further, the CSSA if offering its members an updated CEA Employee Handbook and those CSSA members who already had purchased the CSSA’s handbook will automatically get the CEA’s version for free.

The CEA has its fingers on the pulse of all things related to California employment, notably the latest issues and paperwork designed to make sure any employer is up to date.  That new CEA handbook that CSSA members can get will come with a “How To” Manual which offers tips and tricks for customizing the handbook specifically to self storage.

CSSA members who paid $299 for the CSSA handbook, will, as mentioned, get the CEA version for free. Otherwise, CSSA members who would like to purchase the CEA handbook will need to pay $299 to have it and be privy to constantly updated material. For those who have not purchased it, now is a great time since a new Paid Sick Leave Law will go into effect July 1st and the new CEA Employee Handbook will provide self storage professionals with all the details.

“We at the CSSA are so pleased to be offering this new, updated information to our members,” said Erin King, Executive Director of the CSSA. “Obviously, if a member already had purchased the CSSA handbook, we are delighted that they will get the new CEA version for free. The new CEA employee handbook will go a long way toward answering the many questions facing California owner/operators when dealing with employee issues in an up-to-date fashion. We would like to thank the CEA for helping us make these human resource answers available to self storage professionals.”

CEA is a Human Resource consulting company that has been providing HR support to business owners in California for over 75 years. CSSA members can now speak to a human resource expert who can provide California HR information and support by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. CSSA members can reach the HR Hotline by calling 877-280-4622 or via email at

Current members who haven’t already purchased the CSSA Employee Handbook and want to get the new CEA version can contact or visit the CSSA online store to purchase this new version.